Gulf Harbour Marina | Marina Procedures
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Marina Procedures

Avoiding a large Vessel Passing Event

  1. All vessels should monitor channel 16 before and during movement within the marina.
  2. Large vessels should sound a prolonged blast before leaving their slip.
  3. Large vessels should initiate a security call on channel 16 before entering or leaving the marina
  4. All vessels must be aware of these procedures, recognizing that the larger boats must stay in the middle of the channel.

Other Considerations

  • To avoid congestion and confusion, contact the marina on channel 16 before approaching the fuel dock.
  • To avoid possible electrical problems, make sure your electrical lines will stay out of the water.
  • Avoid trip hazards by coiling up excess lines, hoses and cable, both on the dock and on your vessel.
  • Make sure your lights, electronics and radios are all turned off before leaving your boat.
  • Return dock carts to their proper station.